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— We value healthy living.

To that end, we believe gardening provides a source of healthy activity, serving the body and the soul. Studies have established that gardening lowers stress levels, aids in slowing the aging process, and helps to develop opportunities for bonds across generations.

— We value clean, safe water, food and earth that sustain us.

To that end, our members hope to supplement their food budget with their own homegrown foods. We carefully monitor watering practices and encourage water conversations.

— We value the enrichment of lives that clean, safe, healthy gardening offers.

To that end, we seek a diverse membership providing opportunities for members to participate in the community garden regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or other circumstances.

— We value the knowledge and experience that many senior gardeners bring to the community.

To that end, we believe that senior gardeners who stay active are usually the healthiest and the happiest. We will endeavor to provide circumstances through which knowledge and techniques can be shared, to include mentoring partnerships between experienced and novice gardeners.

— We value memories that last a lifetime.

To that end, we will endeavor to ensure that every garden member’s experiences in the garden are rich and positive, and that every child’s exposure to gardening can result in a lifetime of healthy memories.