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President’s Message July 2015

I want to alert you to a major problem in the garden — Bagrada Bug!!
As we projected with emails earlier this Spring, the Bagrada has returned — and in greater numbers.  This is a serious problem and one of our own garden experts, Joanne Rice has not only spoken with experts but has strongly recommended total removal of all HOST plants that are mostly the cole crops — including kale, arugula, cabbages, brussel sprouts, broccoli, turnips, mustards, radishes, etc.  I am attaching a photo of the bagrada bug and  if you go online, you will find many articles about this form of “stink bug”…


I have personally observed this bug on many kale plants in the garden — some are totally infested.  The problem is that they will not just affect the kale but I am also seeing the classic dry starburst pattern on my cucumber leaves so they will move on to other plants if we do not eliminate the hosts.  One article I read states, “It causes feeding damage on the fruits of bell pepper, melon, papaya, tomato, and capers.”

The Board has already considered making a ban on cole crops listed above during the summer and it may come down to this. DO YOUR DUTY NOW and remove your cole crops listed above.  If not, your garden will become the trap garden for the bagrada as it will start with these crops.
Although broad based pesticide such as pyrethrin (brand name Eight, etc.) or spinosad (both are considered organic) may work, articles I have read indicate there is no real cure other than to remove host plants.
Considering the severity of our situation, I would be interested if you specifically have a good reason NOT to ban cole crops during the summer, just as we ban tomatoes, eggplants and peppers during the winter??
Until next time,

Carol Meyer

LBCG President

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