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The Long Beach Community Garden has an extensive Food Bank Program. We encourage each member to grow a row of vegetables for the hungry or contribute any excess produce grown. We also have three (3) plots within the garden that are dedicated to growing for the Food Bank. These are maintained by the Food Bank Committee and includes planting, watering, harvesting and all other activities associated with plot management.

We deliver daily to Long Beach area charities including, but not limited to the homeless, veterans, battered women, abused children, AIDS hospice, and unwed mothers. One of the major benefactors is the Long Beach Rescue Mission in downtown Long Beach.

Thousands of pounds (approximately 50,000 pounds/year) of produce from our gardens feed the needy of our Long Beach community with the generous donations of members.

Members also contribute clothing, canned goods and small appliances in good condition. We particularly focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas where hams, turkeys and other holiday food items are contributed.